Impersonate a user using the Microsoft Dynamics Web API in Dynamics CRM 2016

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I have been exploring the Dynamics CRM Web API features and frankly speaking it never ceases to amaze me. So today I am going to explain how you can impersonate a user to create a record from the client side. Wondering how can we impersonate from the client side. After all, till this time, plugins were the privileged objects to do something in impersonation. Well, then Web API has come to shatter many establishments in the CRM society.

I have two users in my CRM system. System Administrator and my account.


I am going to login with the System Administrator account and then create an account on behalf of my account (Debajit Dutta).

Below is the code to do the same.

Let me explain the code a bit here. Here I am creating a account named “Sample Account – Impersonation Test”. However I am creating the record under impersonation. The…

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