What is a PowerApp?



It is PowerApps everywhere!!!

Technical people are talking about it….

Microsoft sending promotional emails about it…..

I was curious about it and started reading.


What is a PowerApp?

PowerApp is a platform which allows developers and Non developers build applications selecting template which is suitable from the list.

Aim of power app is to target business users to create their own apps without depending on Technical users or without having code expertise.

Microsoft defines PowerApps as a “Suite of apps, services, connectors and data platform that provides a rapid application development environment apps for your business needs.

Users can easily build there applications.

What are the Key Features?

  • It has over 200 connectors to integrate data.
  • Very easy and tight integration with office 365 tools.
  • It has a very nice drag-and-drop user interface.
  • you can add different controls
    • Text
    • Numbers
    • Options
    • Image
    • Video etc…

What kind of Apps we have?

Below information from this Apps

Power Apps is a high-productivity development platform for business apps, and it has four major components:

  • Canvas apps start with your user experience, crafting a highly tailored interface with the power of a blank canvas and connecting it to your choice of 200 data sources. You can build canvas apps for web, mobile, and tablet applications.
  • Model-driven apps start with your data model – building up from the shape of your core business data and processes in the Common Data Service to model forms, views, and other components. Model-driven apps automatically generate great UI that is responsive across devices.
  • Portals start to create external-facing websites that allow users outside your organization to sign in with a wide variety of identities, create and view data in Common Data Service, or even browse content anonymously.
  • Common Data Service is the data platform that comes with Power Apps and allows you to store and model business data. It’s the platform on which Dynamics 365 applications are built; if you’re a Dynamics customer, your data is already in the Common Data Service.

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Hope this helps.

I will write more posts on each of these apps-> how to create and execute.

Thank you,

Sreeni Pavalla


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