Customer Data type – MS CRM 2016 Update 1

Hello Everyone,   There is a new data type named “Customer” which can be used to save values of Account or Contact. Previously it used to be a OOB field on the below entities. Case Lead Opportunity Quote etc.. While adding a new field, You can see a new data type as below Hope this helps!!Continue reading “Customer Data type – MS CRM 2016 Update 1”

New Sort Date DateTime attribute added in Activity Entity in Dynamics 365.

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A new SortDate attribute of type DateTime is added for Activity Entity (so basically to all child Task, Phone Call, Email activity etc.) The value is null for it for the existing records and for the new record as well until we populate it through Business Rule, Plugin…

New Metadata Query features in Web API in Dynamics 365

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Dynamics 365 is in and just like me, CRM enthusiasts all over the world are simply WOW’ed by its wonderful offerings. After all, this has been a giant leap by Microsoft and indeed a great opportunity for all consultants to me to plunge into unknown territories and…