Read Committed Snapshot Isolation (RCSI)–Know before you use it for your Dynamics CRM Database

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‘Read Committed Snapshot Isolation’ Or RCSI is short is something I continuously keep hearing in my CRM implementations every time there is any discussion related to the CRM performance. On the lighter side of it, the term itself is very catchy isn’t it.

Since it’s not a database related blog, I will keep the concepts very simple here and focus more on the Dynamics CRM performance part of it. Typically from SQL sense, an isolation level is the degree to which one transaction must be isolated from resource or data modifications made by other transactions. The isolation level under which a Transact-SQL statement executes determines its locking and row versioning behavior.

By default the isolation level for your CRM Organization connection is ‘Read Committed’. You can check by running the below command. You would get a result similar to the below.

DBCC UserOptions


In ‘read committed’ isolation, your…

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