Theming in MS CRM 2015 Update 1

Hi, In CRM 2015 update1, We can change the theme of our app. To do that . Settings –> Custmoizations –> Theming You will find one theme which is default. Open that and Click on Clone from Ribbon, It will clone the default one and opens it for you. You can change colors and alsoContinue reading “Theming in MS CRM 2015 Update 1”

Older than – Query operator in CRM 2015 Update1

Hi, Older Than operator is being introduced which will perform against date time field in Update1. Operator Allowed Values Supported Version olderthan-x-minutes 1-1440 v7.1+ olderthan-x-hours 1-2000 v7.1+ olderthan-x-days 1-500 v7.1+ olderthan-x-weeks 1-100 v7.1+ olderthan-x-months 1-100 v3.0+ olderthan-x-weeks 1-100 v7.1+ olderthan-x-years 1-100 v7.1+ Note: These are available only in CRM 2015 Update1. Thank you, Sreeni Pavalla

AssignRequest, SetStateRequest, SetParentSystemUserRequest and etc are deprecated in CRM 2015 Update1

Hi, As we all know that we need to use special methods like below for different purposes AssignRequest SetStateRequest SetParentSystemUserRequest SetParentTeamRequest SetParentBusinessUnitRequest SetBusinessEquipmentRequest SetBusinessSystemUserRequest Some times we may miss/forget and write coding which will not fulfill the requirement or may lead to errors. But with this Update 1, every thing can be handled in UpdateContinue reading “AssignRequest, SetStateRequest, SetParentSystemUserRequest and etc are deprecated in CRM 2015 Update1”