Editable Grid for CRM by BusiPlanIT ahanif

Hi, I was going through few new articles published in word press and this editable grid is really cool and will be useful for all CRM developers. Here is the Url of the artcile: https://busiplanit.wordpress.com/2015/08/03/a-free-customizable-editable-grid-for-dynamics-crm-20132015/   Thank you, Sreeni Pavalla  

CRM 2015 XRM Tool box – Do everything with it !!!!

Hi, Recently one of customer asked us to give attributes list of each and every entity and other things like.  Enabled for Advanced find Enabled Field Level Security Location on form Data type Then we found an article which with few details which can be done through XRM tool box. We have been using XRM toolContinue reading “CRM 2015 XRM Tool box – Do everything with it !!!!”

Upsert Method – CRM 2015 Update 1

Hi, There is a new method named Upsert is introduced which will come handy when we are working data. Upsert = Update or Insert. This reduces the complexity of data operation. In situations we may not know that we should update or insert as we are not sure. By using Upsert method,  UpsertRequest request = new UpsertRequest()Continue reading “Upsert Method – CRM 2015 Update 1”

Update advanced Settings(AggregateQueryRecordLimit,ExecuteMultipleMaxBatchSize and etc)

Hi, Here is the way to Update advanced settings. Fro example: Default batch size of Execute multiple request is 1000, In some cases we may need to update to more than 1000. It can be updated through UpdateAdvancedSettingsRequest Here is the complete code which can help you. DeploymentServiceClient service = Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Deployment.Proxy.ProxyClientHelper.CreateClient(new Uri(“http://crmtest/XRMDeployment/2011/Deployment.svc”)); RetrieveAdvancedSettingsRequest request3 =Continue reading “Update advanced Settings(AggregateQueryRecordLimit,ExecuteMultipleMaxBatchSize and etc)”

CRM 2015 – Javascript issues with Tablet (Ipad and etc)

Hi, I have been working on tablet one of the projects. I have come through some of the changes where JavaScript doesn’t support in Tablet. So to differentiate, Have you JavaScript checked for client. if (Xrm.Page.context.client.getClient() == “Mobile”) { //Write your logic here for Tablets } else { //Rest of code goes for Web andContinue reading “CRM 2015 – Javascript issues with Tablet (Ipad and etc)”

Limitations of Execute multiple request

Hi, Here are few limitations of execute multiple request. 1. Cannot invoke  execute multiple inside execute multiple. 2. Batch size limit is 1000. If you add more than 1000 it will throw a fault exception. 3. Only 2 concurrent executions can happen at a time, If you try running 3rd one, It will throw an exceptionContinue reading “Limitations of Execute multiple request”