Update advanced Settings(AggregateQueryRecordLimit,ExecuteMultipleMaxBatchSize and etc)

Hi, Here is the way to Update advanced settings. Fro example: Default batch size of Execute multiple request is 1000, In some cases we may need to update to more than 1000. It can be updated through UpdateAdvancedSettingsRequest Here is the complete code which can help you. DeploymentServiceClient service = Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Deployment.Proxy.ProxyClientHelper.CreateClient(new Uri(“http://crmtest/XRMDeployment/2011/Deployment.svc”)); RetrieveAdvancedSettingsRequest request3 =Continue reading “Update advanced Settings(AggregateQueryRecordLimit,ExecuteMultipleMaxBatchSize and etc)”

Limitations of Execute multiple request

Hi, Here are few limitations of execute multiple request. 1. Cannot invoke  execute multiple inside execute multiple. 2. Batch size limit is 1000. If you add more than 1000 it will throw a fault exception. 3. Only 2 concurrent executions can happen at a time, If you try running 3rd one, It will throw an exceptionContinue reading “Limitations of Execute multiple request”

Unified Service Desk – Create Sessions from Custom hosted control

Hi, To create a customer from type of custom hosted control, You need to inherit the interface IContextManager. Oncee you implement it, It should give you few methods which will be needful if you are working with sessions. GenerateSessionName // This will generate the session name , Put your logic here RenewSession SetContext // sets the contextContinue reading “Unified Service Desk – Create Sessions from Custom hosted control”

Command(Ribbon) button Enable rules behavior in CRM 2013

Hi Guys, Here is an interesting fact about ribbon behavior in CRM 2013. With the command bar, commands that are disabled are hidden. With the ribbon, commands that are disabled are visible but do not respond to events. Recently i have created a ribbon button through Ribbon-work bench and used Custom JavaScript enable rule onContinue reading “Command(Ribbon) button Enable rules behavior in CRM 2013”

UnHide or restore “Save and New” button in CRM 2013.

Hi Guys, You might be wondering why MS have deprecated Save & new in CRM 2013?  Do you? Well, Here is some information about it. Save and New is not deprecated in 2013, But it is hided in CRM 2013. And it very easy to bring it back by customizing ribbon enable rules. 1. Open Ribbon workContinue reading “UnHide or restore “Save and New” button in CRM 2013.”