CRM 2016 – How to find what users have what roles

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It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves.

Andre Gide

Moving users from one CRM online instance to another CRM online instance can involve many tasks and one of the key tasks is setting up the users with the correct security roles.  This article looks at a recent experience I had moving users from one CRM online instance to another.

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{Knowhow} Get count of Attachments for Email in Dynamics CRM without code

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Recently we had a requirement from our customer to show the number of attachments for each email in a view. The number needs to be reflected whenever the user refreshes the view.

Simple requirement right? And what is coming to your mind? Plugins? Workflows?

Well if you are thinking of the Plugins and workflows, I am sure you are not alone. In fact the first thing that came to my mind was the same. But we are in CRM 2016 right? And is there no other way to achieve this?

I brainstormed for sometime and then came up with the below solution. Believe me it is a simple solution without any code and I am pretty sure you would like it. No it is not rollup field. It is using the calculated field feature of Dynamics CRM.

Let us first look at the email entity in CRM. A quick glance…

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MB2-712 – CRM 2016 customisation and configuration Hosk study notes

There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of …

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CRM 2016 – The importance of keeping the same guids between CRM instances

Everyone wants to learn the same thing from painful situations: how to avoid repeating them. Gary Zukav   I worked on a CRM project where the configuration data had different guids between CRM…

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CRM 2016 – Default CRM mobile app works fully offline and the limitations of previous offline versions

You can only make sense of the online world by going offline and by getting the wisdom and emotional clarity to know how to make the best use of the Internet. Pico Iyer I was investigating accessin…

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Gotcha Working with Dynamics CRM Web API: Grammar..

Most of the issues i have faced.. This article will save your time

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Microsoft has suggested developers to start using the new Web API to develop new custom development. As they are planning to deprecate the 2011 endpoints sometime after CRM version 9 (We are on version 8 now!). Ref:

So, I’ve embraced the Web API in my new projects for javascript codes. Typically I would use CRM Rest Builder by Jason Lattimer to build Web API request in Javascript.

I found out it is quite interesting on one of my custom entity, let’s call it “cust_selectionmatrix”. I tried to build the query using the tool, but I won’t generate the query as expected. Then I tried to look at Microsoft examples around the Web API query. Most of them are appending “s” against the entity name. E.g: for account: /api/data/v8.0/accountand for contact: /api/data/v8.0/contacts.

So my first trial is just adding s at the end of my custom entity: 

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CRM 2016 – Bing maps not appearing

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I created a new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online trial, went to the account screen and realised Bing maps wasn’t appearing

Usually when things don’t work, the first place to look is in System settings and found the setting

no bing map.

The reason it isn’t enabled

By enabling this command, you consent to share your data with an external system. Data imported from external systems into Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online are subject to our privacy statement that can be accessed here. Please consult the feature technical documentation for more information.

It links to two articles

Microsoft Online Services Privacy Statement

Manage Bing Maps for your organization

I assume Bing maps is disabled because Microsoft must use the data and so must need users to consent to the data being used.

Stop sending error reports

A developer asked me how he could stop the annoying error report messages.  My answer to most…

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Unit Testing (Microsoft Fakes) RetrieveSharedPrincipalsAndAccessResponse in Plugin in CRM 2016 (and earlier)

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While trying to write Fakes for RetrieveSharedPrincipalsAndAccessResponse we’d realize that PrincipalAccess is read only property and the class itself is sealed.

So to unit test it we need to write a wrapper class as suggested here

The wrapper class

The unit test

Change in the Plugin code using Wrapper instead of original class

Hope it helps

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Implicit Shares in Microsoft CRM 2011


Microsoft CRM has a security model feature which is not well documented but can be of use when designing the security for your CRM implementation. The concept is that with CRM configured a certain way you can ensure that child records created in CRM are automatically shared to the owner of the parent record. A common place you might want to do this is with customer records (Contacts and Accounts) – where you might like any child records added to these records by other users to be always visible to the owner of that Customer record. CRM utilizes Shares for this but these are hidden shares that you will not see in the CRM UI. They do exist in the PrincipalObjectAccess (POA) table though. Because Sharing is used, users are able to see records above and beyond what their security role permits. i.e. A user’s security role may grant them…

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