Older than – Query operator in CRM 2015 Update1


Older Than operator is being introduced which will perform against date time field in Update1.

Operator Allowed Values Supported Version
olderthan-x-minutes 1-1440 v7.1+
olderthan-x-hours 1-2000 v7.1+
olderthan-x-days 1-500 v7.1+
olderthan-x-weeks 1-100 v7.1+
olderthan-x-months 1-100 v3.0+
olderthan-x-weeks 1-100 v7.1+
olderthan-x-years 1-100 v7.1+

Note: These are available only in CRM 2015 Update1.

Thank you,

Sreeni Pavalla

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