Unified Service Desk – Logged in user details in Hosted controls


You may need Logged in user details for different purposes in hosted controls.

Here is the way to get them from replaced parameters.

// This will give you actual logged in customer

var customer = (Microsoft.Crm.UnifiedServiceDesk.Dynamics.DynamicsCustomerRecord)localSession.Customer.DesktopCustomer;
Dictionary<string, CRMApplicationData> userInfo = null;
if (!customer.CapturedReplacementVariables.TryGetValue(“$User”, out userInfo))

CRMApplicationData fullname = null;
if (!userInfo.TryGetValue(“fullname”, out fullname))

CRMApplicationData userId = null;
if (!userInfo.TryGetValue(“systemuserid”, out userId))

Dictionary<string, CRMApplicationData> systemUserInfo = null;
if (!customer.CapturedReplacementVariables.TryGetValue(“systemuser”, out systemUserInfo))

Happy coding..!

Sreeni Pavalla

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